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Encyclopaedia Psychadelica Evolution

Encyclopaedia Psychadelica Evolution

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'Double 'Evolution' double issue (#13-14) of Fraser Clark’s self-published Encyclopaedia Psychedelica. Clark, a figurehead of the global technogaian movement, saw the 90s as an inversion of the 60s, and in this magazine champions the psychedelic techno-person of the 21st century. A ‘zippy’, someone with a hippy outlook who welcomes technology, dance music, and a new-age world-view. His aim being to "pull together all the political and mystic strands which have emerged or established themselves in our Culture since the 60s…into the greatest databank of wisdom in human history. Bible included." Alongside dazzling and prophetic graphics from Scooby Doobies design team, this double-issue contains interviews with Michael Eavis and Sunrise/Back to the Future acid house promoter, Tony Colston-Hayter. 


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